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Succeed at Clinton


Every staff member is passionately committed to providing the best care to your child by:

  • Providing a positive and engaging learning environment to maximize their learning potential
  • Promoting healthy and meaningful personal growth
  • Encouraging students to participate in interesting and meaningful extracurricular and volunteer activities to ensure sound development of student's skills and interests
  • Guiding them to enter their program and university of choice with scholarships


Clinton has many resources that enable students to maximize their success:

  • Multiple school managed residences within walking distance to school
  • State of the art classroom facilities with multimedia and technology
  • Modern online intranet for rapid student teacher communication and learning
  • 3 Full time student services coordinators
  • Staff fluent in Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Farsi, Spanish, Russian languages

Integrated Care

Helping students adjust to a new environment is paramount in ensuring each student achieves their full potential. Clinton manages all students' vital needs including:

  • All transportation including airport pick up and assisting students get acquainted with the neighbourhood
  • All living needs-including arranging homestay or other living arrangements for students
  • All social and health issues-including advice and mentoring from guidance counsellors, arranging health check ups
  • Guidance counselor helps students with course selection and university application