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Our Top Teachers

Clinton has a committed team of teaching and support staff. Our highly experienced team is passionately committed to nurturing your children to achieve their maximum potential for success.

Our Integrated Care team comprises of over 20 teaching and support staff who have many years combined experience fostering international students. Our staff are selected not just for their teaching or work experience; many have taught in top institution overseas. Hence, they have a deep understanding of international students’ needs and are passionate about helping them. Our staffs are ready to nurture your children to become successful adults. All of our High School teachers are Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT). Many of our teaching staff also have Master’s Degrees. Our professional support team includes 3 multi-lingual admissions and liaison staff, a full-time student services coordinators, 2 Guidance Counsellors, and a University Placement Officer.

Read about a few of our Star Teacher’s Profiles below:

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