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Intensive IELTS Training Program

캐나다에서 College University진학을목표로하는유학생과 캐나다영주권시민권신청자(CEC, FSW, Investor Class)는 반드시 IELTS 공인 성적이 필요 합니다.

**관심이 있는 지원자는 FREE TRIAL CLASS 부터 들어 보세요.


여름 방학 4주 집중 프로그램

Duration         Minimum 4 weeks to register
Schedule         Monday to Friday 10:00am – 3:00pm
Tuition Fee         $1200   (80 hours / 4 weeks)
Highlights p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>클린턴의 차별화된 IELTS 프로그램은/strong>

  • 이전 IELTS시험관이신 Mr.Davood선생님 외 각 센션 별 전문 강사의 노하우 전수, 기출 문제 분석 강의.
  • 공식적인 Cambridge IELTS 교육 과정과 과제 사용
  • 소규모 그룹 강의를 통한 단기에 집중적으로 스코어 향상 가능
  • 본인이 부족한 부분에 따라 섹션별 선택 수강 가능


Top Teachers and Specialties


Writing and Speaking

Mr. Davood – Former IELTS Examiner , taught IELTS for Over 20 years specialized in Writing and Speaking modules.Writing –  Mr.Davood will train students how to improve writing skills from building up a clear structure for various common topics and how to use powerful evidence and examples to support your ideas.

Speaking – As a former IELTS Speaking Examiner, Mr. Davood will provide each student Mock Interviews and give constructive feedbacks to help students boost their scores. Students will learn and understand better from an examiner’s perspective how to answer the questions to impress the interviewer and get a higher mark. 




Reading and Listening

Ms. Massey – Former IELTS Examiner , taught IELTS for Over 25 years specialized in Reading and Listening modules.Reading  Ms.Massey will adapt teaching methodology and style to help students master reading skills such as skimming and scanning and identify how best to approach each type of reading task.

Listening Ms.Massey will train students to practise and improve their comprehension of spoken English and the ideas and information contained in a lecture, story or conversation. The development of listening skills focuses on recognizing the main idea of an exercise, extracting the important information of the main topic of the lecture or conversation, and answering the questions posed in each section. The exercises are designed to improve a student’s ability to recognize meaning, deduct the answer from the information presented in the talk, and make the correct inference from the information presented through paraphrasing and details in a conversation or dialogue.



Reading and Listening

Ms. Shiva  – Top IELTS Training teacher with over 20 years’ experience specialized in Reading and Listening skills.Reading  Ms.Shiva will train students how to improve reading skills through various strategies and tips, how to screen the whole passage quickly, how to  eliminate the confused answers and find hints for correct answers.

Listening Ms.Shiva’s way of teaching listening is that she changes our attitudes towards the students’ ability in listening, prepares the lesson plans carefully, exploits the transcript, tries best to lead the listening lessons in a flexible way and studies other issues in relation to teaching and learning such as motivation, psychology and learning styles. Based on the content of each lesson, activities such as revising vocabulary and grammatical structure, creating a gap-filling task, and micro skills for listening will be adapted to help students.