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Caring Guardians


Responsible Guardians to Ensure Students Follow Class and Homework Schedule

Qualified guardians will follow up with students’ academic performance to ensure the students behave well in school study, the guardian will provide necessary assistance in students’ daily life such as sending students to doctor’s appointment or hospitals, help students opening bank account, helping them connect with family and talk with students about progress



Dedicated Student Services Counsellors to address students concerns

Dedicated and patient student services counsellors are ready to address students’ academic and living concerns. The student counsellors are experienced and are trained to be sensitive to student’s need.


Caring and Experienced Guardians who is able to Speak Student’s Mother Tongue

We try our best to find guardians who speaks the same language with our students to ensure a better service and care will be provided without any language barriers.

Carefully Selected, Sensitive to International Student’s Needs

All our chosen guardian are carefully selected, they are experienced in taking the role of local “parents” of international students and very sensitive to their children’s needs in their new life in Canada.

Responsible Guardians to Ensure Students Follow Class and Homework

Our responsible guardians will cooperate with Clinton closely to monitor student’s attendance and academic performance. Guardians will be informed when the students are late or absent for class, and will coach the student to ensure they will keep good attendance and submit homework on time to achieve better results.

Help Students Arrange for Medical Help in Event of Sickness or Emergency

Students will feel upset and helpless when they are sick or have emergencies, at this time, the guardian will help the students arrange for medical help or bring the students to doctor’s appointment or hospital.




Provide Emotional Support to Students

It is possible for students to feel down or frustrated when they are adjusting into a new environment, they may meet obstacles in their study and daily life. They may feel lonely before they get to know new friends. In the situation, the guardian will comfort them and provide emotional support to students. They will talk to the students constantly to understand their living and emotional needs and co-ordinate with school and homestay to help students to adapt into the new life as soon as possible.