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Finding somewhere to live is always a top priority for new students. Our Student Service Coordinators will help students arrange accommodation/housing before or after students arrive in Toronto. There’s a choice of home-stay arrangements, private accommodation and temporary living arrangements.


Homestay provides students with the opportunity to live with a Canadian family and is recommended for students who wish to experience Canadian culture and way of life. Canadian host families come from many different cultures. Your host family may be from U.K., France, Italy, South America, India, Hong Kong, or other parts of the world. This is an excellent way to improve your language skills while seeing how Canadian families live. All families are located within commuting distance of the College. Homestay includes breakfast and dinner daily.

Families Screened, Police Check

All the homestay are carefully chosen by Clinton and are required to go through a police check to ensure the students to live in a safe and satisfying environment.

Orientation for Homestays

We provide training to all qualified homestay families to ensure they will understand the service standard and policies, how to help students adapt into the new environment as soon as possible, making sure a friendly English-speaking or other native language communication and comfortable living environment.

Nutritious Meals, Familiar Environment, Easier Transition

The homestay family is required to provide nutritious meals (three meals a day, seven days a week) to our students. Families will speak to students to discuss food preferences and any allergies and try to accommodate students as best they can. Students can also purchase some snacks/food and store it in the kitchen.

Convenient Distance to School and Close Connection to School About Student’s Attendance.

Our homestay partners are located within 5-15 minutes walking distance to Clinton campus. On the first day, homestay families will accompany and teach students how to get to school. Clinton will monitor student’s attendance every day and Guardian/homestay will receive a call if the student is more than 15 minutes late for class or absent.

Private House/Apartment Rentals

Many Canadian college and university students find rental accommodation that they share with a number of “room-mates” or “house-mates”. It is quite common for students to share a house or apartment unit. A wide range of rental units are available and the costs of these units will vary greatly depending on size, location, and access to the public transportation system. This type of accommodation is generally unfurnished so there will be additional set-up costs such as the purchase of furniture and utility and internet connection charges.

Family in Toronto

Students with family in Toronto will be able to live with their family. This is an excellent way to ease into your new life in Canada.

Temporary Accommodation

Many temporary accommodation options are available if you are unsure of what type of accommodation you will require, or if your long-term accommodation is not ready when you arrive in Toronto. This type of accommodation will usually be a hotel or motel which will include a furnished room and shared facilities. This option will not include meals.