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Academic Help

Tailored Study Plan to Ensure Student Success

Our tailored study plan instills discipline and consistency in our students’ daily activities, enabling them to have healthy social and emotional lifestyles.

Clinton International College’s structure provides our high school and university preparatory students with the structure for participation in healthy physical, social and emotional lifestyles through various extracurricular programs.

Variety of courses help students build up strong foundation for University.

One on one counselling to help students design a tailored study plan to meet study goals.

Small class with a ratio of 6:1, students can get full attention from teachers

Classroom interaction and participation, which is essential in university studies

Passionate teachers who are attentive to their students varying academic needs and are dedicated to assist them to achieve academic success

Coursework is 70% of final marks and is assessed at regular intervals during the semester to minimize memorizing and promote true learning

Information sessions are run for small groups of students to guide them with the application process for universities in Ontario, Canada, USA, UK and worldwide

Research and advise students to select the most appropriate universities for them

Obtain secondary information required for admissions e.g. essays, references, personal statement

Assist students to schedule for TOEFL, IELTS, and SAT preparation classes and test dates